Contacting Lost Family

Hell week has begun! At least that’s what I call it because it is for me, it’s May Day.  For the last few years and 7 if you want to be exact, this marks the beginning of a season in my calendar year.  To further understand that one, you must think of a season as a period of time and not winter, spring, summer, and fall. It’s more like a religious season which can last anywhere from a few days to a few months.  If you subscribe to Christianity, then think about  the seasons of lent, advent, Easter, epiphany and the like. (It should be noted that I do not recognize those seasons as I recognize my own and that’s what this is about…your seasons may vary.

At this time, we are discussing the season known as Hell Week which is part of the greater season of Hell Month which is not in any way a calendar month but rather a period of time that goes from roughly May 1 to the Sunday that comes after June 8.  This season happens every year. It was once a time for celebration but now it is no longer because one of the principle parties is no longer with us. She has transcended into nothingness and is no longer bound by her mortal confines.  She was once one half of an equal partnership but is no longer. She is not of this earth anymore. She has not reached a higher plane of existence as there is no higher plane of existence. This life is the only one that any of us get. Once it’s over, it’s done and we are to be interred back to from whence we came…ashes to ashes, dust to dust, and the like.

I’m so sorry to paint such a grim picture but that is the truth and sometimes the truth really hurts.  If you, my dear reader, are one of those whom believes that it will get better in the afterlife, I regrettably need to inform you that tomorrow is not promised for anyone and that also includes me. In full disclosure, I’m not at all clairvoyant nor do I claim to know what’s going to happen in the next minute, hour or day. I come to you all speaking a truth that I have come to know which is backed by years of miscellaneous research that no one else that I’ve found seems to conduct.  I urge you all to do your own research and find your own truth.  

If you are looking for truth here, you’ll get a version of it but if I were you, I wouldn’t take my word for it. While I can recite many facts, I will never, ever claim anything that I say as truth in the absolute. For it is up to you, dear friends, to uncover the truth for yourself.  Forget what the church tells you as they have their own agenda. Use the scientific method and find your truth. I will guarantee that your truth might differ but the differences aren’t that much at all.

Eventually, you will see that what they’ve been telling you is based on nothing but their own motivation to control you. 

It’s time to break free my friends,


Are you a Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime?

Someone…and I use that term lightly because she’s not just someone but rather my second cousin asked me about this the other day. I think this blog sums it up and especially the unknown quote at the end. It’s either a reason, a season or a lifetime. I’m sure you all know people in your own lifetime that fit in one of those categories. For me, I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet my cousin. That relationship to one another should be one of those that lasts a lifetime. I suppose only time will tell. Love you, B, for all that you are…don’t ever change.  

Life Lessons

I just got back from attending a farewell party for a good friend of mine who will be working in Africa for at least one year. We met at work over fifteen years ago and have been friends ever since. We’ve been there for eachother through good times, and not so good times — divorce, marriage, raising kids, moves, illness, and job changes. Even though she will be living far away, I know we will keep in contact. I consider her a lifetime friend. Thinking of her leaving reminded me of all the moving around I did as a military brat. I was always leaving friends or getting left because they moved. It was never easy, and it didn’t get easier as time went by. There were always tears, followed by sadness, and sometimes just a deep feeling of lonliness. You keep in contact for awhile and then one day…

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