Cyndi for Illinois Governor 2018

Welcome to Cyndi 2018

This page is the beginning of a grassroots campaign for the 2018 general election for the office of Governor of the State of Illinois 

Cynthia Louise Pryber, Independent, Willowbrook, Illinois, is a currently in the process of becoming a write-in candidate for the office of Governor of Illinois 

This page is currently under construction 

A new website is in the process of being created. Please bear with me as I am going at this alone for the time being. 

For information on how to:

  • Get involved 
  • Volunteer
  • Pledge your support 

Please contact the owner of this website.

I could use some help. 

There is no way to donate money to this campaign because this is not in any way about raising money. I think we can get the change we are looking for without money. Money has ruined politics. Please save all of your money as you’re probably going to need all of it that they let you keep. 

It is my intention to start a revolution and make our State number 1 for the right reasons this time around. 

If we can take money out of the political equation, we can accomplish great things.