Flip the Script

I am an adoptee and not proud of it.
Being an adoptee causes me a lot of pain every day.
I think about my mother (my first mother) every day.
I wish I wasn’t adopted but that decision was made for me and not by me, as I never would have asked for this.
After searching for many years, I eventually found my mother and in the process found out that I was not welcome back.
There’s a lot of pain on her end as it was difficult news for her to hear that her lost son looks and acts a lot more like a long lost daughter.
Nevertheless, that gives me very little comfort to not be accepted by that one person who is supposed to love you more than anyone else in this world.
I wish I could say it better, but sometimes, being adopted really sucks.
More often than not, our births were unplanned, unintended and bordering on unwanted inconveniences for our mothers.
Again, it is of very little comfort to say that.
Adoption touches us all but so many of us don’t think twice about it and expect adoptees to be grateful to be alive.
At the core of it, when we were born, money changed hands and we were nothing more than a commodity.
Apparently, our original identities and heritage didn’t matter to anyone because we all ask that question: what does a baby know anyway?
The answer is simple, a baby knows it’s mother.

As the month of November (also recognized as National Adoption Awareness Month) comes to a close I would like to thank my fellow adoptees and natural mothers everywhere for doing a great job at giving the real other side of the story; the side that explains loss and heartache for without loss there would be no adoption and no heartache.

My heart goes out to all of the adoptees and mothers who have lived this horror. You did nothing wrong and you don’t deserve it.

To those who still are in the fog, it is not easy to come out but I urge you all to do so. Find your mothers and find your lost sons and daughters and above all, welcome them into your lives. It’s worth it.

Thanks again to all of us that are working hard to #flipthescript
Until we speak out about this, no changes will be made.

Sorry to my regular readers if there are any. This is a very personal post in which Reverend Doctor Cyndi cares about tremendously. There are no jokes here. We will be resuming our regular program shortly so please stay tuned.