Yeah, yeah yeah,

Elon Musk is great, some chick with a sexy voice says so. Is she vying for a spot in his harem?

Seriously, the man is not a god. He is a billionaire but money isn’t everything. Besides that, most of his money came to him because he sold out and he knows how to play the system. While he’s “worth” more than you, I and everyone that you and I know combined, it doesn’t really matter because it’s all just numbers that can be erased in a heartbeat.

That sexy voice portrays Elon Musk as a god and she m sure her legs would part in an instant for him but that’s not real and he’d dump her off just as fast as he came. Just saying.

Hip hop sucks.

If you’ve ever found yourself between a rock and a hard place, this one is for you.

Our cities were built on rock.
We live on a rock and this rock has everything we all need to live and thrive.
We will rise again when we get back to rock.

Time to get back to basics then build it up higher than ever before.

Humanity is about to experience a new renaissance…
Are you ready?

Recorded 4 years ago, apparently I’m a little off the curve but I discovered this guy about 4 months ago.

While I don’t agree with everything he says, he makes a lot of sense.

He sounds like he is hungry for change and for that, I salute him.

I’ve been listening to a lot of right wingers from Arizona lately. What are they putting in the water out there?

Let’s all beware of making the government our God.

On that point, Christopher Greene fails!

Good memories

I remember it very vividly the day my dad called into my school and told them that he would be picking me up that day. I looked for a blue Oldsmobile but he wasn’t in his car…he had pulled some strings through his job and showed up in one of these. I didn’t know my dad was that cool and he’s never been that cool again…just saying.

While it’s no longer the fastest car on the street, the 1989 Pontiac Trans Am 20th Anniversary Edition is the one car I I aspire to own someday for myself.

It’s good to have dreams.