What is the measure of mankind?

Lately, there is a lot of talk about transgender issues in America. As someone who falls in the spectrum of being transgender, I’d like to weigh in on this one.

We are all really of one race and that has no bearing on what culture we may come from. This concept also transfers to the way we perceive gender or sex as the two terms are nearly synonymous and lately one is just a more politicallycorrect way of saying the other.

As I’ve experienced life in my own way, I’ve come to the conclusion that most people are getting tired of hearing about transgender people. In the past few years, this issue, if you could call it that, is getting pushed to the forefront of the “news” and this needs to stop.

Apparently, today, we live in a time where there are people who are known as “trans-trenders”. Trust me on this one, being transgender is not a good way to be perceived by others as cool; it takes away from the very small amount of trans people that have a legitimate issue which is a mental one…our minds are all different.

You see, most trans people really don’t want to be found out, clocked, read or exposed as being transgender. Most of us would really rather that people would see us as our targeted genderand nothing more or less.

Let’s use an ambiguous name for this.

If you encounter someone named Stacy and they’re wearing a dress, it’s a pretty good bet that you’re talking to a woman.

If you encounter someone named Stacy and they’rewearing an Oxfordshirt and tie, it’s a pretty good bet that you’re talking to a man.

Personally, I try and make it easy, but my voice still throws it off. Also, I don’t act overly feminine either. That said, in my own experience, most peopleuse the female salutations when I’m standing in front of them.

On the phone, it’s a different story.

My point is this: sex is binary, you either have one or the other but gender is fluid and it can be either or neither, one or the other or both or neither at the same time.

I’m stuck in some strange superposition. I’m in a position that’s one or the other and both one and the other and not one or the other at the same time.

I’m coining this new term:

Quantum Gendered

I’m 1 in 7.5 billion, motherfucker!

If you’re keeping count and wish to stay politically correct, the new acronym is:

LGBTQ2IA + Cyndi squared to the 888 power

Now is the time to put pen to paper.

I hope you’ll show your work.

Let’s beat the AI together.

Hope you remember you’re algebra!

Science is not Religion

Religion is mostly Bullshit.

Do your own research.