Super Blow Sunday 

Super Blowathon
Are you ready for some football?

Seems to happen every year and usually I sit it out because I find it to be pointless just like most of the rest of life. I really don’t care and I suspect many of us feel the same way. Usually, I stay in, as the roads are not someplace you want to be if you have been known to consume alcohol like I do but this year I decided to go out despite my better judgement.

If I really took pride in my work, I would have made this look a little nicer but obviously I don’t so without further adieu, here’s a list of observations in no particular order:

This event was not so much about who wins the game but rather who wins your heart. The heart won because we have to pander to the women is going to have to rent out a shitload of places just to cover the cost of that ad…higher rent prices coming soon to a town near you 

Everyone should knock out pushing the man-in-a-dress joke. It’s cheap and no longer funny. Candy bars aren’t sexy, never have been, and when it comes to pushing a social agenda, you failed again

Oddly enough, there were no commercials from any of the large banking and financial firms but we all better believe that they had their hands in the cookie jar, they always do

Hold stock in Boeing. Did you see the flyover? Not bad for something designed 40 years ago and you all paid for that commercial too. Be proud America 

The toilets did not explode, yet again, for the 50th time in a row…I’m disappointed 

There was a little bit, very little bit, of a chance that Carolina could have come up with 15 points and they should have gone out with one more play…you could have ended this one as men and took another hit

With all that hype, the favored team went down and you’re going to avoid your bookie’s phone call tomorrow because they’re the real winners…always are

Depending on how you figure it, Peyton Manning is the all-time best ever, but then again, when you look at those stats, hey let’s just let him go with it already, he won the super bowl 

It’s called programming for a reason…quit sitting around, it’s time to go out shopping; Thanks for your continual support. Please go back to bed now America 

You aren’t making it into work on time…yeah, I’m talking to you…a 5 hit-one hitter? Beautiful concept! OK, maybe I’m talking to myself on this one but you know what I’m talking about 

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