It doesn’t matter 

I’m an Internet Star!

That doesn’t mean shit as it’s almost like saying that I’m a Porn Star

Anyone can be the former;

All you have to do is get everyone you’ve ever known to connect with you on social media and you’re in!

The real question is: what do you contribute to society?

For most of us, the answer is: NOTHING 

You’re probably better trying to become famous for fornicating on camera because we should all know that the term “porn star” is a very subjective term. 

Seriously, show me something I can use but most likely won’t!

Facebook is bullshit, it’s run by an evil globalist and Zuckerburg has you all right where he wants you!

Zuckerburg owns you!

Fuck Facebook!

Online life doesn’t matter at all. 

What really matters is how you interact in the real world with your real friends. 

I’m not really sure who my real friends are…

Perhaps some of you will speak up?

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