Who’s Back?

I am.

New, improved and ready to start finishing what I started long ago. I’ve got a few other projects in the works too and the blog ties in with them. It’s all about shameless self promotion here.

Not too long ago I made a deal with the Devil. He made a lot of promises and it only cost me my soul, but It’s really of no consequence. My soul was bought and paid for long ago and I’ve never really owned it anyway so I don’t think this will hold up in court, but even then there are a lot of good lawyers out there. It’s too bad most of the lawyers work for His Unholiness, but I’m fairly confident that there are a few lawyers out there that left the firm and I’m sure our paths will cross sometime in the next, well, eternity. Sooner or later I’ll get myself out of this deal because some of us are simply just to wicked for Hell.

Besides that, I’ve been living here in Hell all my life so far as Hell really is here on earth and I know no other way, so if the trend continues like it has, so be it.

The funny thing about selling your soul when you really don’t own it is you get to find out what it’s worth and most things aren’t worth much these days due to inflation of which the government denies that there is any. In any event, I was assured that I am special and the normal rules don’t apply to me. The Devil, himself, told me this and I think that if there’s one person you can trust it’s the Devil, right?

Is everyone ready to find out what I got in return? Yeah, me too.

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