Strap In

The next 1000 years have just begun in accordance with the prophesy.
It does not matter what you do, as resistance is futile and you will not win. How’s that for a hard dose of reality?

Feeling hopeless right about now?
That’s what my colleagues without faces want you to feel. Are you ready to stand up and shout at Him?
Please do so, as my friend loves it, but realize that your cries are all in vain and won’t do a damn thing; it’s going to happen and it is happening right now and you are all powerless and will cry for eternity, so live it up.
It ain’t going to get better for a really long time. We’ve gotta lot of learning to do. Teach your children well and hopefully your great, great, great grandchildren will live in a better place than we do.
My advice: bet on the winning horse…maybe you might make a few dollars.

Worthless paper with fancy artwork…isn’t that the only thing that matters these days?

You know that you love it and you need more of it. Do what you must and go get yours.
Rise up, Children of the Beast,

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