Stalking your Ex???? What the fuck???

First off, if you fall into this category, the only advice I can give you is to cut your losses, move on and get a life.

I come from a place in that if my ex is stalking you right now, you have much bigger problems going for you because my ex is DEAD and has been so for the last 7 years…but what about yours? I’m sure it was supposed to be much different but it wasn’t. That person saw your flaws and couldn’t deal with it. If you want to know why that relationship failed, all you have to do is look in the mirror. It’s not totally their fault. Most of the blame is on you. Deal with your own shit and get on with your life on your terms.

Doesn’t it sound so simple??? Why is it so problematic? Sometimes in life we all fall into this predicament…even Reverend Doctor Cyndi. Why can’t we let go of our previous loves? Was it the personality? Was it money? Was it just a big dick or a sweet piece of ass?

Love strikes is all when we least expect it. Will you take that chance?

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