Catching Up With Old Friends 

Where do we begin? The last few days have been quite, well let’s just call them days because that’s all the were and now there gone and done with and Reverend Doctor Cyndi is winding down all by her lonesome at the home bar because, well, it’s the home bar and she comes here to relax and leave the world behind because that is the whole reason for the home bar’s existence…well, that and to make money for Mike and Gigi.  While M&G do make a lot of money owning this place, they deserve every penny because it’s more like they are doing some sort of backwards and roundabout kind of community service in the owning of this place and all the chaos that occurs here which is probably why this place is called Chaoz but then again maybe not because chaos is bad because there’s no order whatsoever which is kind of like anarchy which also sounds like a great idea but then the less than intelligent people hear something about it then pervert it to suit their needs and the real people who actually know what social anarchism is actually supposed to be about, suffer while having to abide by bullshit laws put in place in an effort to idiot-proof our society because I don’t know about you, but that’s an impossible task because there’s just too many of them out there.

Ultimately, what was once a great idea morphs into Molotov Cocktails and mass violence or basically in a word: Chaos, or rather Chaoz because lately we find it to be a lot better if we change one letter to really fuck with people because the English Language is really difficult and there are a lot of bullshit rules that go along with it and RDC does her best to butcher it in her own way but then again, doesn’t because all of her posts are just a string of run-on sentences that somehow come together as one thought or something like that but I digress because that’s not what this whole thing was supposed to be about in the first place.

The point of this blog entry is about the stories we get from dealing with old friends if I can call them that insomuch as to say that I might have considered some of these assholes to be friends at one point and time but then realized that I was a much better friend to them as they ever were to me and when the chips were down and RDC had to make some changes in her life for the better, they were nowhere to be found so ultimately they had to be cut loose because just like the Queen of Rock and Roll proclaimed, “you don’t lose when you lose fake friends”…and that’s ultimately what they were, so no love lost here.  

As for here, let’s go back to Chaoz just because every story has a beginning and in the beginning there was chaos until something exploded from out of nothing and I know that you’re probably thinking that totally violates the laws of astrophysics but that’s the story we’re all led to believe as the truth unless you’re one of those screwy people who actually believe there was some all knowing deity that lived in the nothingness and decided to create a bunch of shit for his own amusement because we all know that something is better than nothing; or so they say. Of course to a lot of the less educated, that story sounds so very wonderful because they like to think that the world is only 5000 years old and man and the dinosaurs used to be friends which is no way possible because I’ve seen Jurassic Park, and I’d have to say it’s pretty dead on in its assessment of man-dino relations because it’s not like The Flintstones and we didn’t used to ride these things because roughly 65 million years separated our respective existences, and on top of that, if you’ve ever thought that a T-Rex would make a good friend, you’d be wrong; actually you’d be dinner or rather a light snack and the T-Rex would go on looking more of your friends, as only then it would seem more like a meal because we’ve all been to 50 cent hot-wing night and we all know you have to get at least 6 because you can’t just eat one, nor will the bar sell you just one and that special never happens at the home bar anyway, because they don’t have that special which is why I go to a different bar on Tuesdays and while that sounds chaotic, it’s not Chaoz at all.  

Isn’t it wonderful how RDC is able to begin her story at the dawn of time and bring it full circle to present day?  Y’all are so very welcome! I’m here to help. Let’s get back to the story: last Thursday I wound up at the home bar again…I know, I know, it’s seems rather odd for me too, but that’s where it went down as it usually does. I started the night with some wings and talked to one of the servers who was there on her off night just hanging out because it’s just a cool place to be and far better when I darken the door with my presence. Not long after the night began, I noticed an ex-girlfriend but snubbed her because she was there with her boyfriend and I just didn’t want to get involved. A short while later, she came up to say hello and asked why I didn’t say something first.  Why? the answer probably has something to do with the fact that we used to fuck five years ago and then it was over and she went back to the dumbass because they had “history” together and I was just a fling that she still thinks about and I’m pretty sure regrets her decision as she’s stuck with him and I’ve moved on.  After a brief exchange in which this was said, the conversation was over…or was it?  Not exactly.  As beer and jäger-bombs tend to do, nature called and it was off to the restroom for some relief. I did what I had to and when I got out of the stall, there she was. As there was some confusion as to why I was in the bathroom, I explained that I have a letter which gives me every right to be in there.  Somehow the old memory overcame us and we realized we were alone and then proceeded to start making out right there in the ladies’ room.

As she was pinned up against the door as so nobody else could come in, I realized that a piece of wood was all there really was between us (both back then and now if you catch my meaning) and her dumbass boyfriend just outside, holding his stick and clueless as to what was going on a few feet away.  I hold no shame in this and it’s not my fault that his girlfriend is a slut but I guess the moral of this vignette has to be: ignorance is bliss…and it’s not just him either because there’s a lot of ignorance out there in the world and maybe we shouldn’t rock the boat too much and just let all of the morons out there be blissful in their ignorance because they’re better off not having to deal with the fact that there are some truly intelligent people in the world and they are not one of them.  

Lucky for you, you have followed along  with this so far and can count yourself as being intelligent too, and you should count your lucky stars that you possess that trait.  Sometimes being smarter than the masses can seem kind of lonely but you have to trust me on this one; better to be who you are than to dumb yourself down in order to get along with the masses. 

So there’s some food for thought for you. Sometimes the teachings of RDC go kind of long and I think that’s enough for today. Well, that, and were out of time for now but check back tomorrow and we’ll conclude this twisted tale because there’s a lot more to come and this was only last Thursday night.  Besides that, these things take time and Reverend Doctor Cyndi’s divine thumb is a little tired of typing now.  

Have a great night and see y’all later!

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