The more things change…

The more they stay the same. 

I decided to come on down to check out the newest hotspot for nightlife in Crest Hill tonight. Same location, same crowd, same staff, but there’s a difference and it’s not only the name on the building. What once was utter Chaoz is nor some sort of Abstract concept.

There’s been a little updating going on but the biggest thing I’ve noticed is that the color scheme simply went from blue to red. Blue was nice and comfortable for many years but it was time for change and now that I see it, the red looks so much better. While I’ve been privy to many discussions here over the years, the ones I liked most were political in nature. 

In the past, anyone might have put me solidly in the blue category but as we all evolve, eventually we see that red is really where it’s at and I appreciate it very much. For a few weeks, I wasn’t really sure where I was going to go. I tried out a few different places but they just didn’t seem right. I’m glad to see that this place is really more of the same just a different color which better reflects the crowd we feel most comfortable around. 

Maybe this is just the beginning and eventually we can paint the whole country red as small government with limited involvement and expenditure should be the goal for all of us. That’s a very Abstract concept but I hope it takes off.

The red really looks great!

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