Off and running 

Yesterday I filed Form 2 with the Federal Election Commission declaring my candidacy for the presidential election of 2016.  It’s really that simple.

Let’s just set the record straight that I don’t have a single thing to run from. While I may have run from the past in the past, that’s all it was and I have no power to change that. Anything I’ve said or done and anything that anyone from my past has said about me is absolutely true…or maybe it isn’t because it’s someone else’s past and I’m not him and probably never was but some things we just can’t change. 

In the past few years, I’ve been out and about and have been able to meet with some you. I enjoy these exchanges and look forward to many more. As a citizen of humanity, I have come to know that these moments are to be cherished. There is a simple principle that is always at work and that is to be kind to your fellow man. While differences will happen, most likely they are not a reflection on us personally. There will always be arguments and differences of opinion that are up for debate but eventually we try to and avoid war because does anyone really want to be at war?

War has been happening for about as long as there have been people walking this earth. Sometimes I wonder if it ever gets resolved and usually it doesn’t; only delayed. There’s great value in temporarily conceding defeat only so we can live to fight another day. By definition, every battle must result in a clear winner and a clear loser. After the battle has been won, what happens? Does the loser just go away? Sometimes they do but not always and we see this happening today. Behind every movement there are people and nobody wants to lose so we regroup and live to fight another day…that is the crux of what I’m trying to sell you. I will avoid war at all costs but if it becomes inevitable, I will lead, we will fight and we will win once and for all, regardless of the casualties.

If you are the aggressor and you have resources on your side, I’m happy for you. Please revel in your victory for now. We might play this out 100 times and you may think that you’re winning until that last time in which I win and that is the one win that matters most. Keep beating me down and I’ll keep standing up until that one time that I win and that’s when it’s all over for you. 

I’m standing up to fight for something in which I believe; and that is in the future of this country. With so many things that have gone wrong, there has to be something that goes right for a change. I’ll take full credit for the life someone else led but don’t ever try and tell me who I am because you will lose that debate. If you really wish to try, please contact Leslie King because maybe he’ll give you some answers but I doubt it because he’s been dead for years.  If you can’t find Leslie King, please try and contact Barry Soetoro. Currently, his residential address is:

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500

They call it the most lonely job in the world and I’m sure it is but that does not deter me for wanting it. I’m used to loneliness and I thrive on it. So if you think I’m worthy and if you think I can make this world a better place for all of us, I’m looking for your support. If you have a problem in the way I conduct myself, you’re entitled to that opinion but I hope you’re not completely closed-minded not to hear me out because sometimes what we all need comes from the strangest of places. 

Many people inherently have a problem with me but I pay them no mind. At the end of the day when I finally lay down to get some sleep and recharge, I lay down knowing exactly who I am. In recent memory, someone else said the same thing and while I’m not sure she came up with the words herself, she delivered the message with grace and she became the top story. Forget all of the rest of the hoopla and listen to the last minutes of the speech:

I hereby throw my hat in the ring. Whatever you can throw at me, I can take it. I am just one woman who is trying to make this world a better place to live in for all of us. Sometimes, even I feel like this is crazy, but bring it on. Tell me you don’t like my outfit, tell me you don’t like the way I wear my hair but don’t tell me that I’ve got some kind of mental illness and this is all in my head because one day I will deliver that one win when it really counts. You have never met someone with a stronger character than me.
At current, this is a longshot campaign but I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think the time was right and i had just a little shot. The longshots are what truly make history. I am not a “major” candidate and I’m going at this alone. In the true spirit of politics, support needs to be given and if you can spare an extra dollar or two it will be greatly appreciated. I’m also looking for some people to donate some time if they believe in what I’m trying to do. 
Have you ever heard that it only takes 10% to start a movement? If I can just get 10% of you all on board right now, I promise to take us all to place we’ve never been before. In a few days I will provide links to the first Money Bomb for CyndiLou 2016 and I thank you all for your support. 


I, Cynthia Louise Pryber from Willowbrook, Illinois, am currently campaigning for the office of President of the United States of America with the intention to win said office. I am choosing to go this alone and conduct fundraising activities that will provide no benefit to me personally. Any and all funds donated to CyndiLou 2016 will be used and accounted for the expressed purpose of this campaign and the candidate, Cynthia Louise Pryber has agreed not to use any campaign funds for personal enrichment as per the laws of the United States of America 

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