Editorial Retraction #1/1

This will not happen again. I believe in what I write and I write about things as I see them and do not write things here only to delete them a day later. Whatever is published here at transcyndence.com is written with a purpose and the act of deleting something that I spent any amount of time writing is counterproductive. 

I wrote an article a few days ago which dealt with human interpersonal relationships which by nature, change as time goes on. The subject of the article was and perhaps still is considered a friend. I had thought about trying to change that dynamic, but ultimately ruled against it as it was not in my best interests to try and now the subject just is… The article in question has now been retracted. This is the one time in that this will happen and I will not retract anything else ever again as that is not a practice that this blog was set up to do. 

As per a conversation I had late Monday night with someone who will remain nameless as that is the way they want it, and since that’s the way they want it, then that’s the way it shall be. While I did not print said person’s name, I’ll concede that the article in question was largely, but not entirely, about them as they are only one character in my life’s show. Life is kind of like a show, isn’t it? In the nature of show business, I’m just trying to put on the best show I can. Sometimes characters work and sometimes they don’t and when they don’t, well, you all know what happens. 

This blog was started with the idea of giving something from myself and attempting to offer up little nuggets of wisdom that you can take home with you, if you so choose, by the sharing my story and ideas. In the sharing of my story, I aim to offer my own unique perspective and it is written to bring awareness to issues and subjects in which very little information is often available. 

Sometimes odd thoughts, questions and queries will enter my mind; as someone who has always enjoyed problem solving, I do my best to make sense of it all. One of the many thoughts I’ve had over the years is the thought that I can’t be alone in all of this, can I? Maybe I am as I have had to live with several stigmas and conditions that all affect each other. For an abridged version of by biography, read the about page. There’s simply no way with all of the people in the world that I’m the only one that’s ever pondered such a question or thought about a subject, can there? 

The formula for this blog is quite simple although it’s not been clearly outlined before, I believe that it should be now:

  • Tell a story based events as I see them
  • Inject my opinion and emotion 
  • Attempt to add some humor 
  • Pull no punches 
  • Transcend conventional thinking
  • Go off on a tangent 
  • Expound on a different idea
  • Mix it all up
  • Bring the idea full circle 
  • Make a point that has value 

When this blog was originally started, that was the goal and it still is the goal to this day. This blog was started because I enjoy creative writing, believe that I have a talent for it and wanted a platform for all of the things I have to say; and it is a lot to say…haven’t you noticed? Plenty to say and not enough time to say it, have you ever had that problem? The key factor is time and time is a precious commodity. 

Some things that have been written here may be looked at as being unpopular and outside the realm of the consensus of the masses. Nearly everything in my life is far outside that consensus anyway, so it really does not phase me at all because while we all must share this world together, The world as I experience it is very different than nearly everyone else. For me, life is never as simple as black and white. Due to circumstances, many of which I had no control over, there are a lot of gray areas. I don’t think that life should always be filled with gray areas because often times we are all confronted with 2 options and when that happens, a decision must be made. When faced with making a decision, I contend that what is right is often not popular…being right is preferable, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

This piece of art has ghost-like qualities because the subject is as transparent as is humanly possible.

I, like all transsexual people, live in a world that doesn’t have a place for us because we do not fit nicely into one box or another.  Out of all of the things one can be, being transsexual is by far the most misunderstood. Often times, people like me work hard to keep a low profile and blend in with the the rest of society for their own safety. There have been many documented cases where trans people have been killed or left to die because they are different from the gender binary. I wish I could keep a low profile but my activist nature precludes me from doing so. 

I didn’t ask to be the way that I am but since there’s no possibility of changing that, all I can do is accept it and not let that aspect deter me from doing what I think I should be doing. What I feel that I should be doing is the same as what I think everyone should be doing and that is trying to make our world a better place then when we first found it. Life is all about making choices and your choice may and most likely does vary from mine. Some of us are content in wasting the finite time we have here. I don’t know about you, but I know that I have wasted time in the past (35 years to be exact) and I’m not doing that anymore. For me, it’s time to get to work and start speaking out. I won’t deny anyone their right to free speech and would appreciate if you wouldn’t try to deny mine.

Have you noticed that I am not using the term transgender as I describe myself? The 2 terms are not synonymous with one another despite what people may think. The term transgender did not come into the lexicon until about the mid 1970’s and even back then it was not widely used. As the years have gone on, transgender is now used as both as a way of describing anyone who feels that they are outside the gender binary and also for political reasons to push inclusivity and acceptance of a marginalized group. 

The term transgender is an all encompassing term that includes many different kinds of people that are not alike. Someone can claim to be transgender and not do a damn thing about it. Should we just have to accept that how said person identifies as absolute fact and they should have the same rights As someone who has gone trough medical and legal intervention in order to align their body with their mind and has spent time trying to conform to the roles of their targeted sex? I don’t think it works like that and I doubt that anyone who took the time to think about it would. Please bear in mind that this is a transsexual woman asking that question. If I can’t totally agree with the political movement that I’m a defacto part of, how the hell are you, an outsider supposed to make sense of it? The transgender “community” is anything but…it simply doesn’t exist.

It is not my intention to write this solely on the topic of transsexuality but the topic is a large part of my experience that affects everything that I do for the simple fact that I can’t hide it. Years ago I wanted to, but eventually realized that I couldn’t any longer. For the sake of argument of which I expect there to be, being transsexual is more like being of a particular race than it is anything else because it’s just an identifier of who we are. We are often lumped together with the LGB crowd but even they don’t accept us because they know that it’s not the same thing. Being transsexual has absolutely nothing to do with sexual orientation. It is at it’s essence, a fact that has been inherited from birth and most of all deals with identity. No matter how one chooses to view transsexual people, it is unlikely that you actually know someone like this, as those who are make up an extremely small percentage of the population. 

Is any of that fair? Of course it isn’t but neither is life. If life was supposed to be fair, it would be called fair and everyone would be equal but we’re are not all equal are we? One of my favorite literary quotes is listed below:

All animals are created equal but some animals are created more equal than others

George Orwell, Animal Farm

That quote does not make a whole lot of sense at first glance but if you read it carefully, it really does. Each and every one of us has our own unique traits and talents. Whether it’s an ability to play a sport, create music, intellectual capacity, physical attractiveness, ability to make money or something else entirely; despite what we’ve been taught, we are not all equal and that is the absolute truth. We are the sum of our experiences and no two one of us has the same experiences. To deny that is tantamount to living life in ignorance and denial. Contrary to popular belief, some of us are born with natural talents that are advantageous and when born with an advantage, shouldn’t you use it? I don’t think that being transsexual is an advantage in any way; in most cases it’s not…hey, I took a 25%  paycut to live my life authentically. For many others it means a life below the poverty line. While I might seem like an exception, it’s really only that way because I choose to work my ass of rather than roll over, take the easy way out and hope society will have mercy on me. 

I use the written word as my medium because when vocabulary is used correctly, it is the most concise way to convey a message…or so we would like to think. The process of writing is a lot more time consuming to produce content. In addition to that, it also takes time to read the content which is why most people these days don’t read newspapers, books or magazines anymore and to take that further, many people don’t even read anything; why should they? 

The world in which we share has become nothing more that short attention span theatre. There’s usually a video available but If we instead choose to read, it better be in 140 characters or less because that’s all we can absorb at any given time. That is ridiculous and I take great offense to that. 

It seems that every time I look around, I see Americans celebrating being number one. I’ve got some news for you, we’re not. Every other developed nation beats America at the things that matter most.

On a side note: I’m glad that the Cubs lost again because I hate the way that Chicago celebrates how they are number one because of a professional sports team. The only thing that Chicago is number one at is homocides and I don’t think that’s something to be proud of. Maybe Chicagoans can address why when it comes to finance, we are dead last and hanging on by a string trying to prevent total economic collapse by constantly taxing and feeing its residents. 

Evidence proves that far too many nations are excelling while Americans are happy to rest on their laurels. It’s time to change the way Americans think. I don’t know why I even bother to care but I do and then again I’m just a messenger by profession; don’t shoot the messenger. 
Much like life, this editorial started because of a girl, but who is the girl? When I first met her, there was a bond but through time, feelings developed. There could have been something, but after a reassessment, that something wound up to be baseless and here we are. 

It always starts with a girl, doesn’t it?

Now do you follow how things are done at transcyndence.com? 

Thanks for reading…I hope you have found some value.

Now go get your ass to work because we can’t do it without you. 

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