Served on a Silver Platter 

It started off as just a little show and tell of the age old question:

What’s in your purse?

Take a look inside yours…

What did you find?

Now it’s time to add some color…

…shouldn’t be too hard, but then again, it better be hard enough 


It all started with a conversation amongst friends 

Maybe this is the sum of male-female relations?

I’ve always thought there should be love involved 

Maybe there was and you just can’t see it

…or maybe it’s just the aftermath?

Who ever said photography can’t be art?

Whoever they are, they don’t know what they’re talking about 

I’m expecting a check from the National Endowment for the Arts any day now

Discharge is messy sometimes but it sure is a great lubricant 

If you get the chance,

bust a nut;

then be sure to leave a tip

sometimes, it’s only worth a few cents

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