Searching for my Birth Father

I am an adoptee looking for my Birth Father
I hope to make some kind of contact and perhaps get a few questions answered about the origins of my life.

I was born on June 8, 1975 at Resurrection Hospital in Chicago
I was not given a first name, my birth mother’s last name is Will
She was 21 at the time of my birth and my father was 20
My father was married to someone else at the time but was separated
My mother was/is a resident of Oak Park, Illinois and a graduate of Oak Park River Forest High School.
According to my mother, my father also attended OPRFHS and his name is John (I am suspect of this and cannot verify that it is a fact) My father’s ethnicity is half Greek.

If you have any information in this matter, please reply to this post.


This was not posted previously.

I was looking through my archives and this is something that I wrote 1000 days ago.

This Unsolved Mystery has been solved

I have connected with my birth father

His name is John 

He is a good man

I’m glad I was able to find him

I haven’t talked to him in months 

I owe him a phone call really soon

I think it’s pretty amazing how much life can change in 1000 days

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