A Charmed Life?

Is it? I suppose some would say it is because it’s more that they can dream of and many others that would just look at mine and laugh but then there’s so many more out there that will never ever understand what it’s like to live in the world that I do. All in all or for the most part I guess you could call it this:

One thing that I’ve learned in my finite time here is that you’re never to old to learn something new.  

I was at a funeral today…I hope that’s not a typical thing for you because it ain’t for me either. The point is that I relearned something today and it was something I already knew; sometimes it takes a funeral to find your way back home. For reference, see this:


The day started out no different than any other but it was different. I dropped the minivan off for some service, then went home, got ready and went to the same church I was baptized in. It was my uncle’s funeral today. We all gathered at Redeemer, had the service and followed in procession to Bronzewood. I was in the 4th car. We laid my uncle to rest then off to Butterfield for the reception. After that, I raced back to the mechanic, paid my tab and went to the dealership. They drove me back to the car I was driving in which case I went to my aunts house who is now a member of those widows club just like yours truly. 

From there I was invited to the after party. First at Tracy’s then off to Ward Manor which is quite impressive…and these people consider themselves to be part of the family too. Some of us even say they are and I hope to someday too but the biggest surprise just came in the meantime.

I’m adopted and not happy about it. In the last few days, I turned 40 and wrote a letter to someone on that day. It took a week but earlier today, my father wrote me back.  Sometimes I guess it takes a funeral to find our way back home and I’m looking forward to finally getting to know the man who was responsible for bringing me into this world.

I guess all that leave’s us with is tomorrow an on that note, I leave you with this:

I don’t know about you but I’ve burned a lot of them…time to rebuild and cross them again, right?

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